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Sorry Derek and CDB, I am so stupid. I did not look at Derek's application, but at an other. It works.


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Hello Derek. I do not know what your attached example does. Can you please gif some more info


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Hallo Jean, thanks for your reaction. Yes it is very simple. II just want present some of the information from the table “_user “ (part of user&rules). I tried the script entry: “form1.label1.caption := _user.role” to present the role on form1, but it did not work. Can you help me?


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How can I present user data on a form like:

Username :  admin
Userrole    :  admin
Last loging:  02-12-2020



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Hi George. Sometimes I feel the same. Your not alone.


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Hello Brian, thanks very much for your contribution. In my ignorance I just copied the "connection script" to the existing script. I also changed: Form1.TableGrid1.dbUpdate. Now I can also see all records. Thanks again.

Hopefully my question to MVD develeptors (e.g.Dmitry): "how can I translate menu "Change your own password" and translate the upcoming forms", will be answered


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Hallo Brian. I used thuis script. It dit not work. See my post.


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See enclosed project (without .ddl and .exe) It works fine. I connect to mysql-server and next to MVd (admin/admin). Now I want to connect to mysql-server by script. I used the script as mentioned in "mysql.txt" but 1) I do not know if I am connected to the server  and 2) the loginform to MVD (admin/admin) does not appear. What am I doing wrong? Can please someone help me to get it working?

To MVD develepors (Dmitry): how can I translate menu "Change your own password" and translate the upcoming form.


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Hallo Brian and Jean. Thans for your contributions, but it is a pitty  that my questions stay unanswered. I asked Brian for explaination about external file, hadden label and form and more security and I do not know how to use the form of Jean.


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Hi Jean, For me the connectform is fine


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Hey Jean. Thanks for your contribution. In my opinion the login form for MySql is generated automaticly by MVD? How can I generate my own form to connect ot my server? Maybey it's a stupid question, but a small example would certainly help.


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Hello Brian. Thanks very much for your answer and I will try to login to my mysql-server by script. But I donot understand your following instructions/advice: "In that way you can use external file, a hidden label on a hidden form (which I'm using) to read the server details for additional security" Can you please make a short example of 1) external file", 2) hidden label on hidden form etc.


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Good morning.

I finaly succeeded to connect to a MySql server and I also have made a simple database

- Is it possible to translate the captions (Server (host), Port, User ..)  on the connection form? (see connect .jpg)
- Is it possible to use User/Role function when I use MySql ?


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Drivesoft only says they are working on new documentation, No word on a new version.


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Hi Jean, I already use it. Thans for your topic


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Hi Derek. I remembered the same question I asked when 6.3 arrived. Because I want A Dutch version of my programs I am always interested in translation possibillities.


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http://myvisualdatabase.com/forum/viewt … 503#p33503


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When I use “users and roles” a standard login form is presented. In a earlier stadium the question is asqued when we could  change this form to our own wiches. Any idea?


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As allways, thanks very much


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Good morning everybody. Is it possible that when i press a button:  a specific tabsheet on a specific pagecontrol on a specific form will open?


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Hello Derek and Ehwagner.

Both thanks for your reaction. For Ehwagner the changed project is enclosed. Derek is will study your project.


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Dear Ehwagner. I  used yor application, added the fields "Address" and "City". Deletedmyour records en add two new records. So far all is well, but  changing an address is impossible, because the programm doesnot recognize that this is not adding a new record and displays the massagebox. Do you have a solution


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Derek, thanks again. It works perfectly


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I use the following Calculated Field in the table "Deelnemer": ifnull(d_naam,'')||',  '||ifnull(d_roepnaam,'')||' '||ifnull(d_tussenvoegsel,'')||'  -   '||ifnull(strftime('%d-%m-%Y', d_geboortedatum),''). So I can perform an incremental search on the 3 fields.

Now I want to know if it is possible to include one or more fields from a diifferent  table in the Calculated Field.


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Hello Derek. Thank you very much for your contribution. It was clarifying. But one question. In your fixed project I do not see the records of the "deelnemers" anymore in tablegrid2 or tablegrid3 when I select one "deelnemer" in tablegrid1