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Hi Jean, I already use it. Thans for your topic


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Hi Derek. I remembered the same question I asked when 6.3 arrived. Because I want A Dutch version of my programs I am always interested in translation possibillities.


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http://myvisualdatabase.com/forum/viewt … 503#p33503


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When I use “users and roles” a standard login form is presented. In a earlier stadium the question is asqued when we could  change this form to our own wiches. Any idea?


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As allways, thanks very much


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Good morning everybody. Is it possible that when i press a button:  a specific tabsheet on a specific pagecontrol on a specific form will open?


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Hello Derek and Ehwagner.

Both thanks for your reaction. For Ehwagner the changed project is enclosed. Derek is will study your project.


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Dear Ehwagner. I  used yor application, added the fields "Address" and "City". Deletedmyour records en add two new records. So far all is well, but  changing an address is impossible, because the programm doesnot recognize that this is not adding a new record and displays the massagebox. Do you have a solution


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Derek, thanks again. It works perfectly


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I use the following Calculated Field in the table "Deelnemer": ifnull(d_naam,'')||',  '||ifnull(d_roepnaam,'')||' '||ifnull(d_tussenvoegsel,'')||'  -   '||ifnull(strftime('%d-%m-%Y', d_geboortedatum),''). So I can perform an incremental search on the 3 fields.

Now I want to know if it is possible to include one or more fields from a diifferent  table in the Calculated Field.


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Hello Derek. Thank you very much for your contribution. It was clarifying. But one question. In your fixed project I do not see the records of the "deelnemers" anymore in tablegrid2 or tablegrid3 when I select one "deelnemer" in tablegrid1


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Hi Dmitry. Because I wanted to know more about reports I yesterday printed page 79 to 93 from your book and followed  the first example. As you can see on page 81 under "1. Select the components ...etc" there is mentioned "Tablegrid1". So I followed this example. The MasterData band is not mentioned in the first example. In example two it is mentioned on page 89, figure 82..

Thank you for your advice.


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I followed your advice, but still just 1 record is printed to PDF


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See enclosed project. On tasbheet3 are two buttons placed to print pdf-reports. It is very strange that on both reports there is only one record. In the database there are more records. What do I wrong?


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OMG, that simpel? Dmitry, thanks very much, it works perfect.


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See enclosed project.

Button1 on Tablegrid1 has an incremental search for data in the table Medicijnen, witch data is presented in Tablegrid2 on Tabsheet1 on Pagecontrol1. That works perfect.

Button5 on Tablegrid1 has an incremental search for data in the table Zorgbehandeling, witch data is presented in Tablegrid3 on Tabsheet2 on Pagecontrol1. That works also perfect when I change Button1 to Button5.

What I want: when I choose a person on Tablegrid1 I want to see the data presented in Tablegrid2 (Medicijnen) AND the data presented in Tablegrid3 (Zorgbehandeling)

Is this possible?


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When the Role-access control is activated then (in my opinion) 4 forms are created by the program, e.g. form Access Control (Create roles and Settings), form Login (Enter User/Password), form Users (New, Edit and Delete users) and form User (Edit individual user) Also a new menu entry is created (Options->Users) presenting the form Users.

The 4 forms are not visible and so also not editable in the programming environment. Because of that the forms cannot be adapted to the Dutch language. The new menu entry cannot be changed also. Dmitry says that the forms can be changed by scripting and asked for this new topic. My question therefor is: how can the 4 forms be changed?

Another question is: When in the beginning roles are defined I cannot find a way to add, change or delete roles?


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Please tell my how to do


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Am I right that forms are automaticly generated by the program when user/roles is activated? For I cannot see them and so I cannot charge them in Dutch.


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Thanks Derek. Your solution works perfect for me.


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In my project I use a textbox and searchbutton to present a part off my database in a tablegrid. After presentation off the data I want to "clear" the tablegrid by pressing a button. Is this possible?


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Hello people from DriveSoft. Is it possible to disable the pop-up menu when the right mouse button is pressed. It appears by example when the right mouse button is pressed in a tablegrid.


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Dmitry, thanks for your quick respons. Linking import/export forms to button is cleared, thanks for that.

However I hope that translation of the forms will be possible in the future. Finally a very usefull improvement to MVD, but will it be usefull to all your clients who want to program their databases in their own native language. I hope so.


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I just looked at the new import/export possebillities of version 5.4. I'm a little disapointed because.

1. it seems that the import/export possebillities are only available by the Options-menu. Is there no possebillity to activate bothe forms by a button-trigger on a form?

2. both form are in English. I hope there is a possibillty to translate the forms in Dutch as we can bij the translate-function. Otherwis the new import/export is worthless for people who use an other language to present there databaseprogramms


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Is it possible to import/load a sqlite.db in a new MVD-project while the sqlite.db is made by an external programm, such as sqlstudio or sqlite maestro etc.