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Thanks, I haven't reached that part of your software but good to have this link around once I get to tinker with reports.


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This software has so many possibilities. I am glad to have found this rough diamond. I am excited to see what will become of it a year from now, or five years into the future. It will be awesome. Keep up the great work. I hope you do not tire getting feedback from your fans. big_smile


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To save our moderator precious time.

For database limitation. See link below.


If you're asking if multiple computers can access the database. The answer is yes if the database file is in a network drive that all computers can access.

If you're asking if multiple computers can alter/add data to the database. The answer is maybe, depending on how many people and the frequency of them altering/adding data. See link below.


Awesome. This will be great for my password protected MVD.


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Hello, I have another question. big_smile

1. Is there a version history for MVD? I'd like to see what new things you've added once it gets updated.
2. I figured that files are also stored in the database, but what if I want to just save the file in a determined folder (folder names in my database) and just have a clickable link to the folder or file. The files I have are too big to save on the database.

  For example:
A. Create new record.
B. Fill up details.
C. Click button for Open File Dialog box
D. Select file.
E. Select location where to put file (using a combobox) Copy the file from source to target location with the file name based on filled name.
F. Save record.

Of course there's a form to add new folders/location.

Viewing records to show clickable label to open the folder where the file is.

Uhhm.. Possible?


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Yeah, I figured there's alot of features in the works seeing as it's a young application. Keep up the good work.


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Is it possible to have a button go directly into saving the spreadsheet, instead of viewing the spreadsheet first? Can I save it as a CSV instead? and can your application "eat" CSV and convert the entries into records?


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Yeah, I figured as much. I guess it would be much of a hassle to use a different database.

No work around though, right? like save data on a self contained database and a button to mass import the data to a central database?

By the way, I made the login for password work for me. It feels awesome. Since the work database project won't happen, I guess I could just make a database for my movies. big_smile


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Ok. I read in the SQlite FAQ that multiple systems can access the database on a network server but only one "edit" can be made at a given time..

The problem is the database I am building is intended to be used by at least 70 people at the same time.



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1. You tick the checkbox for "The table is a dictionary" when you want the table to be...?
2 I got what ForeignKey is for when I checked your examples.
3. Hhhm. OK. Food for thought, I guess.
4. My designs are crappy. The forms look like it was designed by kids. I was hoping you have any suggestions on how to design a better looking interface for my forms.. big_smile
5. Aaah.. SQL query. The thing I could not grasp in programming, but thanks for providing comments. Didn't even know there's a Delphi Language before. New experiences, I love it.

By the way, your MVD website might get some spike on traffic (emphasis on might), I shared your website on stumbleupon.com because it is an awesome application.


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As a forewarning. I have little programming skills. big_smile I think this would really test how well your system works if a "newbie" can use it well.

1. What does "the table is a dictionary" mean? (I think that part needs a tooltip)
2. What is a ForeignKey for the combobox? I tried to make sense from your examples but still clueless.
3. How do you set the location of the database if the location is within a password protected network?
4. The interface of your examples are awesome. Any tip on designs?
5 How about a lesson in password protected accessed databases? Possible?


1. the project icon should be different from the MVDB/running project Icon.  It gets confusing.
2. There should be a "Stop Project" button near the "Run Project".
3. More actions for buttons like "Clear" for textboxes,  "Hide" forms or buttons. I know there's a script for it but you are advertising that one does not need programming skills and scripts require coding. big_smile
4. in relation to #3,  Option to add more actions, not just one action per item. Like
        Clicking button 1:
               Action 1: Hide Form1
               Action 2: Show Form2

        Clicking button 2:
               Action 1: Clear textbox 1
              Action 2: Populate textbox 2
               Action 2: Show show report
5. Ability to Copy/Duplicate a form.
6. Option to resize the colums in the settings of Table Grid.
7. Data validation in the Object inspector/Properties
8. Uhhh.. I don't know how to say this.. a simpler way to teach newbies how to connect tables to eachother?


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I would like to extend my appreciation as well. I know a bit of programming and databases has always been my pitfall, but I've always liked to create some sort of database for personal and work use and you made it possible.