Thanks, Brian,
I can convert my access database (.accdb) to excel worksheet (.xlsx).
Is it possible  in this case  to search, add, edit or delete records using MVD ?

Is this code (based on previous Derek's suggestion, correct?

procedure Form1_OnShow (Sender: TObject; Action: string);
  if formatdatetime('yyyy-mm-dd',now) >= '2020-10-05' then
  form1.tablegrid1.visible := false;
  form1.button1.enabled := false;;
 end else
      form1.tablegrid1.visible := true;
      form1.button1.enabled := true;

What is wrong with this code below?

procedure Form1_OnShow (Sender: TObject; Action: string);
  if formatdatetime('yyyy-mm-dd',now) >= '2020-09-05' then form1.tablegrid1.visible := false;;


Form2 should be visible only when  preset date is expired.

Hi, Brian,
I have something similar: an  Access database with several columns and lot of records (rows) and nothing else.
I want to search, add, edit or delete records using MVD.
Can you (or someone else) set a simple example?
Thanks in advance.

Thanks, Derek.

I suppose the  Form1.DataTimePicker1_OnChange   event should be used.

 procedure Form1.DataTimePicker1_OnChange (Sender: TObject; var Cancel: boolean);
    // Need this part of code. If date eg 30.12.2020 is expired, do something  (disable Button1, make invisible the TableGrid1 or open  Form2.

Form1.DataTimePicker1 is not visible.
Any help?

Thanks for the replies, but I would need something very similar to that.
The DataTimePicker1 should not be visible.
I should add to the code the preset fixed date and if it is expired, do something.
I don't know how to do it.

Thanks CDR,

How should look like that part of code for DataTimePicker1 ?
Probably in Form1_OnShow event?
Thanks in advance.

I want to add the piece of code to my script that will do something (make invisible a TableGrid1 , dissable button1 , show message or clear the table) if the preset date has expired.
Any suggestion?


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Useful tip, Derek,
Can it  be implemented on main form (Form1) to determine form start-position on screen?
Eg, top 0, left 0 or center position or whole screen (depending on screen-size)?


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Hi, Derek,
Please give a little more explanation for us beginners.
What means:

"  (just edit 'backup.bat' for your own needs)."

It is not clear to me how backup is achieved.
Thanks in advance.


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Hi, Derek,
Thanks for your example.
It is very useful.
Just one more thing.
If I click to X button in form1 to delete the highlighted file, this action will delete a file from the database only, not from "files".
What should be added to delete the selected file in "files" at the same time?


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What to do ( in same example) if I want to change the image, ie. print the image that is currently in DBFile1?

I store all the attachments using the StoreFile in a separate storage file inside the database folder.
If I click to Clear this file will be deleted from the database but still remains in the storage file.
Is there a possibility to add an option that will Clear and Delete from the storage file.
It would be nice if this option is valid only for files in the storage file.

If all my data from TableGrid1 are saved in Excel file as a backup, can I use this somehow to restore data to my database in case of any data loss? How?
And one related question, is there a simple way to convert an Excel database to my visual database? It would be nice to see an example.
Thanks in advance.


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Hi, Derek,
Thank you very much.
As always, your explanation is clear and very helpful.
In addition, if I want to make a link to the whole folder containing several things, I should insert it in some zip file first.
Am I correct?
Thanks again.


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Can anyone show an example of how to save a file in a separate folder instead of a database?
How to link a file to a database?
Thanks in advance.


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I already found it.
URL at Properties.


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I am creating the report page that could be saved as a pdf file.
Can I somehow insert a link in the report page that will be active if the report is saved as a pdf file?


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After CTRL+P only my default printer is open.
It seems to me I should select the report file .fr3 and then select Open in Designer.


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Can I edit the report file that is already saved?


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Hi, sibprogsistem,
Thank you for solution.


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Hi, Derek,
Thanks for the quick response.
It's resolved.
It was my negligence because the fields in the form were empty.


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Me again.
I'm trying to create a print report (using a report designer) for a specific record from the database I created.
I tried to put some text and drag a component from the table (see screen image), but after opening in preview mode only the text remains. Data from the table is missing.

Where did I go wrong?

I want to add a new " Clear" button on my Form1(Search form) that clears all the textboxes in this form before the new search.
How to do this?
Thanks in advance.