Topic: Accounting ink cartridges

Accounting ink cartridges.

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Re: Accounting ink cartridges

Either I see errors in this database or I misinterpret it.
Giving the date range e.g. from 19-20.03 I should receive the result in the report:
Used cartridges by subdivision for the period
Director: 1 item
Bookkeeping: 1 item:

Used cartridges by model for the period:
A13 - 1 item
A15 - 1 item

results are the sum of all records.

I would like to ask how the code will look so that it counts correctly, i.e.
in the selected period 19-20.03 Director: 1 item and Bookkeeping: 1 item.?

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Re: Accounting ink cartridges


Fixed, please download the project again.


Re: Accounting ink cartridges

Good morning,
Now works great.