Topic: About TableGrid.cell and EditBox.Text

Hello all

I would like fill cells of a tablegrid with values of Editbox .Text
(I'm coding a project to manage a music collection. With a form, I fill three fields (Num, Title and Time). I would
transfer them in cells of a tablegrid).
But I get an error message about transtypage between cells values and text from fields.

What would be the good syntax ?

You will tell me that I could use an editable grid. I did it !
But I've a problem to save it. I'm trying to fix it

Thanks for your help


Re: About TableGrid.cell and EditBox.Text


A TableGrid component is designed to show data from a database, so you should save data to database, after that you can show the data in the TableGrid.

If you fill cells with values of TextBox, it's does mean that you will save this data to database.