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Hello, please can anyone help me with an SQL code for login form. I want a situation where more than one users can login and access my database. Meaning, the username box will be combo Box while the password field will be a textbox. If a username enters a wrong password 3 times, the database application will close. I dont really know much about coding. Regard!!

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Hello Mr Slim,
You could try doing something like this (please see attached) but there are many other ways.
The following users/passwords have already been set up:
Derek / 123
Neil / 456
Sam / 789
Peter / 111
Ken / 321
Dave / royce
Slim / mvd
In my example, a user who enters a password incorrectly 3 times is also removed from the drop-down list but you might choose to do it differently.
Hope this helps,

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I will test it. still then, I say thank u bro

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I can't open it. Any idea on how?

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I've just downloaded it and tried it and it's okay for me.
What error message are you getting when you try to run it?

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Re: SQL code for login form

The error message i am getting is that the program was created with a newer version and i am using version 1.3. I even tried it on version 1.44, and is the same error message. is there anyway you can convert it to open my version? or send me the codes with instruction on how to go about it?


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1. open file tables.ini in Notepad++ go to menu Encoding > Convert to ANSI 
2. open file settings.ini in Notepad++ go to menu Encoding > Convert to ANSI 
3. open file *.vdb in any text editor and change




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I am able to convert it, thanks to you but the problem is not yet solved.
No table was created but that is not a problem cos i can do that myself. The problem is the SQL validation code was not include which is the mean reason for this inquiry.

I notice when i convert and change the version to 2. All datas and codes in the program got missing

i want a situation when i hit the login button, the code runs to check if the usename and password are correct and if correct its opens the student form for access, else its pops up an error message

pls can that be done?

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Check out this project … download=1