Topic: One record with multiple versions of the same record.

I have a question that probably has been answered before but I didn't find anything related searching the posts.  Is there a
way to have a record in the database have multiple saves of the same record?  Let me explain, suppose you have one
customer that's already in the database and every now and then you update this record with something new, for example,
customer purchases a new item, you add notes, etc.  Is there a way to maintain track of the customer's previous purchases,
notes, dates of purchase etc, while updating the same record?  Would I have to keep a table or tables for each customer
in the database or create a separate database that contains such fields and keep track of each unique customer database
in relation to the main database?  I don't know if I explained it clearly enough .

Thanks for your help in advance.

Re: One record with multiple versions of the same record.

You better have multiple tables and have relationships/unions in your queries. I have been working with customer relationship databases for many years and it is a nightmare when you have double customer entrie(s), they never match after a while. The best is to have a unique customer table with only customer information and then a purchase table with the customer ID and purchase ID as keys.