Topic: Saving "ONLY" modified items.

Hello, i want to find a way to "Update" or "Save" the record , by only saving the "new" data. to avoid empty data by mistake.
I want this because on my last database, sometimes i had a bug where saving a record will save an "empty" field where the field was filled with data... This was a bug i never got to solve, and one of the main reasons i want to restart my project.

In order to do this , i want to save only the important items on "new record" and when i get the "show records" will only save some "fields"

I could do this with "two" save buttons , and make them visible / invisible. but i prefer to have this with a script for... debuging reasons.

is this possible?
Many thanks

Re: Saving "ONLY" modified items.


In this case you should use only script with SQLExecute function to save/update data, which is not very convenient.

Can you attach project with this bug, I will test it.

Also you can set option NOT NULL for fields to prevent the storage of null values.