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Topic: Recipe examples


I made some inventory program and need to extend it by making recipes for products and could not find any examples
If someone got example for that, it would be great.

For example, right now in inventory I have 100kg flour, 100kg sugar, 100lit of milk, 100kg of coffee....

I need to make recipe for coffee with those materials, for 1 coffee i need 0.01kg of coffee, 0.01kg of sugar.....
So I can make example of materials needed for 1000 coffees

Also, when I click MAKE button to decrease levels of used materials in inventory by amount needed for XX numbers of coffees

Thank You

Re: Recipe examples

Perhaps something like this.
Btw. You can create 10,000 with what you got there. 100kg/0.01kg = 10000

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Re: Recipe examples

This is awesome, thank You