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Topic: Error?

While working in MVD and moving around in my forms, I sometimes get this error:
List index out of bounds(32)
It seems to happen randomly.  It's not any one thing that I'm doing.
Sometimes it goes away if I click on another field, but sometimes I can only get rid of it by shutting down MVD.
UPDATE: When it happened a little while ago, it screwed up my program.  Even after I re-started MVD, I was getting errors saying that I was missing some fields.  Before the error everything was working OK.
This time I had to restore my program from a backup.  I did lose a couple of recent changes but it wasn't a big deal.
I make a backup every time I make a significant change to the program.  It has saved me on numerous occasions.
Update 2 I may have found my problem. Working in my forms, I was copying a couple of buttons from one form and pasting them into another form.  When doing this, I kept getting the error.  I have stopped the copying and pasting and haven't gotten the error since.  So maybe I'm OK now?
Any info you can provide will be appreciated.
Thanks, Frank