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Hello MVD friends,

This is an unusual request...  Within the last few weeks or so, I stumbled upon a useful project that I forgot to save.  I want to say that it was one that derek uploaded, but I could be wrong.

I remember the way the forms looked, and that's about it.

I have searched the forum in many different ways for an hour or so trying to locate it.  So, I thought I would post and describe what I remember about it in hopes that someone else may remember more about it and where it may be.

It was a service type project storing dates for certain types of equipment.  And depending on which type of equipment it was, only a certain page was visible from a page control.

It seems like there was a hydraulic and electronic page and also another that I don't remember.  Each page had at least two date fields and maybe some other fields.

The thing that stood out to me is how the database was structured.  It had all the date fields together on a single table.  So some of them would be null when that entry didn't need that type of service.

The problem is I don't know what the topic question was and the terms that I could think of are so broad that it returns too many results.

I am not expecting anyone to help me search for this, but rather if someone that was involved in that thread recognizes the description above, I would greatly appreciate if they would respond.


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Re: Help finding a post

I would like to bring you help but I really don't remember this project, yet in the last month I read them all.

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Hi Joshua,
That's right - blame me!  big_smile
Seriously, it doesn't ring a bell but if it was (sort of) to do with equipment servicing, it might have been one of Frank's (papafrankc).
Alternatively (and it's a long shot) but have you still got your browser history - maybe you could 'back search' for it via that route?

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Re: Help finding a post

Я знаю только свой (черновик)
I only know mine (draft)

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Thank you all for the reply here!

Yeah- at times, I like to randomly browse through the forum posts.  Most likely it was one that was not so recent, so I will probably not stumble across it again- it seems (because my browser history is also cleared often).

The request was a shot in the dark at best, and I was hoping that my discription would trigger (maybe the creator) someone else's memory of it.  I appreciate your replies all the same.  And I apologize to any others for the wasted time reading it.

vladimir, I will have to review that one... it may acheive the same thing that I was interested in.

EDIT: derek, lol, yea sorry about that...  but I view so many of your projects that they have all become blurred in my memory now. lol  And yes, I thought it would have been one of his too, but- I have reviewed all of his from this year without luck.


"Energy and persistence conquer all things."

Re: Help finding a post

Hi Joshua,

This won't help in finding Derek's project now, but it may help in the future - I've added the ability to store project descriptions in the "Developer's guide".

Here is the version with modules and bug corrected (labDescription)

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