Topic: Webcam Integration

Hi MVD community,

I saw a post about this, I'm very interested on starting a project with the following characteristics:

I need a utility that I can call from MVD, be it an external program for the webcam that initalizes the camera and stays running
while the database is open.   Also, that I could take snapshots via a button or script and save the image to the database, associated
of course with the current record being created or edited. 

If you can point me in the right direction with regards the utility itself, or the scripting code I'd appreciate it.

As always , thanks in advance.


Re: Webcam Integration


I made an example for you with using ffmpeg.exe


Re: Webcam Integration

Thanks Dmitry!  I will take a look at the code and see how I can configure it for my purposes.  As always,
very appreciated!