Topic: Multiple users

I would like to design an order system using MyVisualDatabase that can be operated by several people (max 5) at the same time.
Can such a (standard) application be operated (run) by several people at the same time, from different locations (e.g. for adding orders, changing data in orders, etc.) .  Access should be allowed on database level, but restrictions on an order level (e.g. an order can only be manipulated by one person at the same time) are allowed.  Can I set this application up by keeping the application local and the databases in e.g. a Dropbox environment ? Or are there easier ways ?

Re: Multiple users

If you want access to database via Internet, you must use MySQL DBMS, you can't use dropbox for that.

If you would like to use database only in a local network, you can use SQLite. May be also and dropbox but for read only users.
But SQLite not provide access on database level for different users,  you should use script.