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Hi Dimitry,

maybe you can help:

A customer has refused to use my software created with MyVisualDatabase together with MySQL Database. He told me that
- for the community version my software must be open source
- if my software would work with the enterprise version I would need a developer licence from oracle.

He told me that they have got this information from Oracle directly.

Have you heard anything about this?

Would SQListe suitable for approx. 21 concurrent users?

Thank you.

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You must buy commercial license if you distribute MySQL with your product. If you product just connect to MySQL server, you don't need commercial license of MySQL.


For OEMs, ISVs, VARs and Other Distributors of Commercial Applications:
OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), VARs (Value Added Resellers) and other distributors that combine and distribute commercially licensed software with MySQL software and do not wish to distribute the source code for the commercially licensed software under version 2 of the GNU General Public License (the "GPL") must enter into a commercial license agreement with Oracle.

Also I can't recommend using SQLite for  20 users.


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Hello Dmitry,

what about using Uniform Server from rather than the one mentioned above. I have used this for testing and it is very easy to use, no install required, and an easy to use backup menu option. Had a quick look and I think it operates with a BSD license which is not harsh but pretty heavy reading.


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The problem is, whereever MySQL is included and you deliver it together with your software you need a commercial licence. Oracle told me this morning that the commercial licence is a yearly subscription.

The Uniformserver contains MySQL. Oracle told me a commercial licence is also needed from their point of view.

Oracle sales told me the yearly costs for all kind of sales are 10,000 USD/Year.

To much for me.

Could you think about to support Postgresql or Firebird? They does not charge anything and real open source.

Thank you

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Postgresql or Firebird is not planned.

Why you want to include MySQL in your product?
It makes sense when you change the source code of MySQL and must distribute it together with own product. In this case you must to buy commercial license.

But in your case there is no need. Your client should himself download and install MySQL server community edition. And in this case, you and your client are freed from the purchase of commercial license of MySQL.


Re: MySQL Question customer has internal regulation.

MySQL Community = My Software must be open source.
MySQL Enterprise = My Software is not open source and I must deliver all together.

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For thoses having the same problem, you can replace MySQL with MariaDB without any change in your MVD project.
The MariaDB licence is less restrictive.

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