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Hi all,

I made a simple invoice program that generates a report as an invoice. Everything is working perfectly so far...


The report has a header/company logo image on the top of the page. I have a really high quality (6000x1500) image of this in multiple formats. In the report designer it looks great, however, when I generate the report as a PDF the image quality is horrible and compressed. angled lines look jaggy and blocked. The logo looks great when the report is made as HTML or JPEG or any other file type.

So as a workaround i tried making a full page-sized image of the logo with whitespace below and insert it as background image. But when the report is generated as PDF the background image is not shown. When I generate the report as HTML or preview in fast-report it works as expected and the background image shows, in good quality. But I want the report as PDF, because of the easy emailing function of PDF viewers and the accesible format.

Can anyone help please?

Re: Images in PDF report


Create event OnClick for the report button:

procedure Form1_Button1_OnClick (Sender: TObject; var Cancel: boolean);
    Form1.frxPDFExport1.PrintOptimized := True;

or just download latest beta version 4.4 …


Re: Images in PDF report

That worked perfectly! Thank you very very much!