Topic: CSV and currency

Seems that there are problems about the currency format supported/recognized by Myvisualdatabase and Excel. I exported a Excel 2013 table in CSV and these are a couple of records:

C1;01/07/2017;'OXFORD';'Oxford International';"Penhrose Wharf Penrhose Quay, Cork City Ireland";'IE3320744PH';€ 8,129.84;
C2;01/07/2018;"ILFORD";'ILFORD GMBH';"Regensdorf, Switzerlad";'CH1320744PH';€ 7.129,84;

until I read the records without the last field (currency type) everything works so I suppose there is a problem related to currency type.
Any help is appreciated.

Re: CSV and currency

remove the symbol €

Re: CSV and currency

You should remove symbol €  and comma from currency value.

Also you can remove it automatically using script for import

Example for currency column

// Currency
if arrStr[2] <> '' then 
    arrStr[2] := ReplaceStr(arrStr[2], '€', '');
    arrStr[2] := ReplaceStr(arrStr[2], ',', '');
end else arrStr[2] := 'NULL';