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I have a question regarding the forum itself.
If you open a forum like e.g. "General" then you will always see all new topics on top of the list.
Also if you search a keyword all results will be displayed in discending date order.
That's pretty good, because you can find new things always rather quick.

But if you open a topic with many entries then they are in ascending date order.
This means that you always have to scroll to the end of the page or first of all even have to jump to last page and then scroll there to the end to see what's new in there in this topic.

Maybe there is a (hidden) setting in the personal profile to do that per user, but I did not find something like that there at the moment.
My question is: would you be willing to change this order?
Of course I would also accept a "no", because you are the owner and we have to take it as it is.
But I could imagine that many other users would also appreciate a different order of entries in topics.
In addition, it would then be consistent throughout the forum: new entries are always on top, old always below.

What Do you think about it? What do others think about it?


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Unfortunately I can't understand, where is exactly you see many entries in ascending date order?
Can you attach a screenshot.


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There a many examples. Strictly speaking its in every topic.

A newer one:
It starts 2018-12-04 and you have to goto page 2 and jump down to entry from 2019-11-20 to see the newest info.

An older one and especially clear:
It starts with first entry on 2014-04-27 and you have to goto page 7 and jump down to entry from 2019-11-01 to see the newest info.

...and so on.


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Re: Order of entries within a topic

Topic order vs. Forum order

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