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Topic: trial and activate key

Please help me example
script to run the program
The trial period is 30 days, then the program requests the registration code

I noticed that I found examples on this site, but when you pause or modify your computer's clock, the program continues to run
thank you

Re: trial and activate key

Hello  toutheveste

Can this help you ?

procedure Form1_OnShow (Sender: string; Action: string);
   reg: TRegistry;
   iDays: integer;
     reg := TRegistry.Create;
     reg.Access := KEY_ALL_ACCESS;
     reg.RootKey := HKEY_CURRENT_USER;
     if not reg.ValueExists('StartDate') then reg.WriteDate('StartDate', Now+30); // trial period is 30 days

     iDays := Trunc(reg.ReadDate('StartDate')) - Trunc(Now); // time left days


     if iDays < 1 then
          if MessageDlg('Trial period is over.'+#13+' Do you want to visit a order page?', mtInformation, mbYes+mbNo, 0) = mrYes
              then OpenUrl('http://yourpage.com');


     if MessageDlg('Demo version. Time left: ' + IntToStr(iDays) +' days.'+#13+'Do you want to visit a order page?', mtInformation, mbYes+mbNo, 0) = mrYes
         then OpenUrl('http://yourpage.com');



Obviously, if you change your system date (for example if you advance it by two days), the parameter passed in StartDate will be false and the value returned by reg.WriteDate ('StartDate', Now + 30); will prevent this code from working.

In addition I do not see the interest for a user to constantly make this maneuver to avoid the message displayed by this code (and not to pay a license).