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Can I use the laptop camera instead of the barcode scanner?

Re: Code Barre Scanner

It is possible to use a camera but you will not be able to use the traditional barcodes, as it would require a laser to get exact bar code proportions.  1D barcodes are not so much of an image then an algorithm of proportions between black and white lines with Ratios. You can get away with using 3 of 9 barcodes but the precision drops as there is no check digit within the barcode, leading to false readings and errors in the numbering.  1D scanners or Laser scanners are still available that are not very expensive and are plug and play with USB connections.

2D barcodes (QR) is a whole new game, but again you would be best to get a IMAGER scanner that also plugs into your SUB.

Re: Code Barre Scanner

Here you can look for a freeware program to help you use PC Camera as a Barcode reader.