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I want to add to my database a piece of code that will be kind of minutes counter.
Textbox on my form1  shows counted minutes only while the user uses the database. The counted time should be saved until the next time the database is open, then the counting will be continued starting from the recorded number of minutes until the textbox shows a certain number, eg 100. Then  some actions should be done, for example:
-  a button1 disabled
-  a Datagrid  invisible
- show a some message or label...
An example of such a project would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Minutes counter

Hi MarkoS,
Have a look at the attached as one way to do it.
In the example, each user has a different 'maximum' time and an elapsed counter.  When the maximum time is exceeded, a message is shown and the elapsed counter is reset to 0.
The example uses seconds but in the script is the relevant line for minutes instead.

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Re: Minutes counter

Thanks, Derek.