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How do I add a Data Matrix 2D Barcode to my report?

Fast Reports Demo has the ability but I don't see that barcode option within the report module in MVD.

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Is DataMatrix 2-D barcode going to be added to the report builder, anytime soon?

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I am going to be forced to move this file to another software vendor...due to the fact that I cannot get a response from Drive-Soft Software.

I have sent two emails to Drive-Soft with the below, asking them to help with the build and  what pricing would be. I cannot get a response from them.

This is my last attempt, then I am going to be forced to move this project to another software vendor.

Import records
Print report with a check as cover page for mailing
Print report with plain cover page for mailing
Print check only

Form to view all records
Form to view each of the records used for the three reports above.

The reports will have 5 grouping with sub totals and grand totals. All report pages need to have Data Matrix 2-D barcode with pgnum-page-of-group,”00000”,single-digit-group-num.





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What you want to develop can be done by MVD. However, DriveSoft is not in the business of developing end user apps. They are the creators of MVD for us end user developers. I don't see anything in your scope that seems out of the ordinary, but it's up to you to put together the application. Maybe someone on this forum can either help you or maybe for a fee could develop it for you, if you do not want to take it on yourself.

As far as a chart on a report, here is an example of doing that.  FYI - The chart can be most any style, bar, pie, line, gannt, etc. 3D or flat, etc. … 450#p25450

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Thanks for your reply. However, See the below from website..

Video lessons

In this video we will learn how to use My Visual Database.

If you need a database, and you do not have time to create it yourself, we will create it for you.

But, this said, I am mostly asking if the software developer is planning on adding the Data Matrix 2-D barcode to the available barcodes in the reporting.

The Full version of Fast Report has the option and this is the same reporting that is used in MVD.