Topic: Message from DriveSoft (Dmitriy)

I apologize for the long absence from the forum and the new versions. There's nothing wrong with me.

I am currently busy renovating my apartment and at the same time doing new detailed documentation for My Visual Database.

I am almost done with the English translation of the documentation, after that I will continue to release new versions.

Here you can check out the new documentation:

If you English native speaker, I'm sure you will find some grammatic mistake, please let me know if you found.


Re: Message from DriveSoft (Dmitriy)

Happy to know you guys are well. Looking forward to your releases.


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I'm glad you are fine and will release new versions soon


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Thanks for your hard work, We need that!
if it's possible, where can those beginners like me to find more tutorials video?

Re: Message from DriveSoft (Dmitriy)

Hi Dimitry, nice to hear news.