Topic: Nanny Agency Management Database?

On the example databases page of MVD website, you have the Nanny agency management database download. However, it downloads the .exe file instead of a .zip file with the working MVD files so that we can learn from it.
Can you post a link to download the nanny agency management database with the .vdb and other files/folders so that we can open the database in the MVD editor and learn from how you set it up?

Re: Nanny Agency Management Database?

When you download and run the .exe, it should install the application for you, including the .vdb file.
If for some reason this hasn't happened, please find all the necessary files in the attachment.
However, depending on your level of experience, some of the other provided examples  (ie, the phone book database) might be a better starting point.

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Re: Nanny Agency Management Database?

Thanks derek.