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Topic: Creating database and running queries

Is this model capable of answering the following queries ?

1.Display the details of the current items of carpet in stock
2. Search for the details of a particular carpet to check the Quantity in stock
3. Display the suppliers who provide particular carpets (search by carpet code)
4. Check the number of orders a customer has made to allocate a discount
percentage to that customer (example if > 1 apply 10% discount, if > 3 apply
20% discount) **(I am not sure how to show this correctly)**

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Re: Creating database and running queries

Hello Agileca23,
Yes, everything that you describe can easily and quickly be achieved using standard MyVisualBasic.

Re: Creating database and running queries

Hi agileca23,
I was introduced to draw.io this year.  It's a very handy open source tool.  Much- much better than the MS alternative, might I add lol
Post your progress with this design while using MVD.  We will look forward to that.

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