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Hi all,

This is kinda outside the intended purpose for MVD, but it works really well for ad hoc form overlays.  I could not find a way to call FastReport without creating a database tho (which would make this even better)...

Does anyone have any ideas for doing this?


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Re: ad hoc Forms

I have created several procedures that allow you to call the report generator for displaying tabular data, as well as any others that are passed to it through parameters. That is, you can create a report without a database using only parameters.

https://createmyvisualdatabaseapp.blogs … st_14.html

But you still have to create an application, since there are no other ways to access the FastReport libraries built into My Visual Database.

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Re: ad hoc Forms

Wow, there is a lot going on there...  I'll have to study what's going on to make that work.  lol
Thank you for creating that and sharing it too!

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