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super - . Have changed last . to ;  ... so Thanks a lot ..


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Doesn't work. I have already tried it.
The error message is

'BEGIN' expected


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1 and 3 - super, it works. But when I use other file for script, I have problem with error message

I have generla.pas file and inside your Code with function Plus
In main script file  Ihave this

  uses 'general.pas';

  ShowMessage(Plus (1, 3));

I have gor error:
';' expected

.. can you help please.


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1. Haw can I do function ..
function Plus (A:integer, B: integer) : integer
  Plus := A + B
doesn't work. Or
function Plus (A:integer, B: integer) : integer
  Return (A + B);
The same ...
The problem is haw to return the value of the function.

2. Using SQLLite - I have added new table to database by using SQL Lite but when I open the database in My Visual Database - I don't see the table. What shoul I do to see the table?

I have find solution - when you add the table manualy to db file you must change tables.ini file and it works - so just for others

3. Do you have list of all function or script manual - I am able to read russian language. Not write .. bad latters ;-) No keyboard for it ... In the manual on web is nothing about functions (Copy, IntToStr ..and so on)

4. Can I have more then one script file - If I do bigger project I need to organize it. One file si little bit strange ...



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I would add function CopyForm ... if I have many dictionary tables I must do many forms ;-) Or function "Create standard forms" - and it will for example create frmGroups and frmGroupName forms from the PhoneBook.

But I have find nice finesse - just to modify xml and there copy sections and replace Name of forms ... so after that it's very simple.