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The error window doesn't popup anymore, but still the code isn't working. Here's how it looks like:

procedure entry_OkButton_OnAfterClick (Sender: string);
  entry.typeR.dbItemID := -1;



It correctly saves the record, but doesn't clear the fields nor close the window (since I told it not to close it).


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Uh yeah, that could work too I suppose. But I tried to put that code into the script window (while replacing the names of course) and now it says " 'BEGIN' expected" when I try to run the database, and it doesn't clear nothing at all in the window. What did go wrong?

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I think it would be nice if you added an option to make it just clean the form instead of closing it while saving a new record. In this way you don't have to reopen the form window each time if you want to add a new record (very useful if you're adding a ton of records in one time).