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Thank you for your  solutuion.

I just downloaded and tried.  Works fine.

Thank you both.


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Yeah but it does not have the same look that i want.

Thanks for the info.


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I know I can use more than one label, but if I have a very long line of text, is there a way to set the text control to be multiline?

I tried embedding control characters "\n\r" ( and \\n\\r) for a new line carraige return in the text but that did not work.


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In two places a table name can be entered.  The behavior is different in the two places.

When creating a new table, in the Tab "Database Table", if you use the "+ New table" button and try to name a table "Table_Foo", you get an error message saying that "The name of the table can only be english characters".

However, if you make a table named  "TableFoo" (it goes fine) you can then use the pencil icon to edit the name and you can successfully change the table name to "Table_Foo".

So either the table should be able to have "_"  or not.


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For #1 above, first off, thank you for the example; I will use it for my projects; but I was referring to your program "MyVisualDB.exe".  I would prefer it to stay where and how I put it.  It always opens up maximized.

Also, a couple of more suggestions to make this useful program even more so:

5.)  see grid dots in snap to grid in the form designer window
6.)  adjustable grid spacing
7.)  Tooltips for buttons (and other controls where appropriate)

Thank you for your time.


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1.)  Do not have the program maximize on startup.  Have it remember its last size and position.
2.)  A way to add my company's info to the About box.
3.)  More gadets(controls) e.g. toolbar, treeview; webrowser (for html), statusbar, etc.
4.)  A way to hide/protect your script from the end user.

p.s.  thanks for making nice program.