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Thanks to all of you for the quick replies.

Just for clarification: I did'nt mean to insult the Program or it's creator, the app is really good.

It was rather the lack of manual that bothered me, but this is well taken care of thanks to

All that's left for me is ordering and will be done.

But I still have a last question:

Since I've never written one single line of pascal in my life - and here we are talking of Delphi
I suppose - what would be the best app solution to use to create the scripts to implement in
MVD, and further: as I understand it are all classes etc in their syntax Delphi-conform meaning
they could be approached from within MVD scripts - or am I wrong here ?

regards to all,



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Stumbled upon this program ver 4.3 via internet alternatives to dBase/Clipper/VO.

After a try-out constructing a small app to manage a CardBoardModel-Inventary here the verdict:
- very nice and handy to use (building time about 5 days as a newcomer...so quite simple), but

-- the availlable documentation is lousy, especially about the report generator who gets no database
   access from within the constructed app, not functioning picture storage outside DBF and access
   from within a report, etc etc
-- very little to no information about property uses in forms and controls etc
-- no option to store/print the app-construction layout data for later use, fx for later app extension
-- no option to copy a form to speedup form-creations by templating the content fx
-- inconsistencies like MEMO fields not in the database (no field) and therefore not in a report
and, and...

But I'm still interested, so what can the current version more than 4.3 regarding the drawbacks above? Is there any chance to get a version description regarding it's range of construction options ?

And most urgent:
- is this project still on the move (net comments suggests otherwise) ?
- where can I purchase ver 6.5 via invoice or prepay (avoiding unsecure 
  net handling/delivery) ?

Would be nice if somebody could give me a replay, thanks