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Topic: Chammer RAD

A bit of a cheek, but I've found a defunct (since 2014)  RAD database environment mainly for Access called Chammer from Triniti-soft (website no longer exists) using Open Pascal.

The company or website is Bulgarian, and I'm wondering if any one has any knowledge of this software and if so if they have the help file.

The EXE file can be downloaded from Sourceforge https://sourceforge.net/projects/chammerpascal/- it looks quite advanced judging by the IDE and the amount of components it has built in.

I've tried the 'Way Back' machine but that just says

Unified centralized system for orders and exchange of documents - OMV Bulgaria Ltd

Gas station management system - ECO Bulgaria EAD

Specialized school feeding system - French Lycée

An open source application development environment based on open pascal - Chammer

Sales application for Windows Mobile and Linux

Development of extensions and Internet templates to CMS Drupal

Commercial extension (ABIS POS) of ERP Navision - Avenir Telecom EOOD

Integration of ABIS and SAP - OMV Bulgaria OOD

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Like MVD it is a shame it is no longer supported.

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