A simple development environment allows you to create databases without the help of specialists or the need for programming skills. MVD will enable you to create a self-contained database application that operates on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. Databases can be simple telephone directories or basic accounting systems.

The result of your work will be a full-fledged Windows application that does not require installation and third-party components and can work even with a flash drive.

By default, the application you create uses a fairly simple but at the same time reliable SQLite DBMS.

As a rule, SQLite is intended for single-user work, but multiuser work in the local network through a shared folder is also allowed.

If necessary, your application can use a MySQL database. This database is multi-user and perfectly suited for working over the Internet.

For advanced users and programmers there are scripts (Object Pascal), with many built-in functions and classes that will allow you to implement any functionality of your future application.

The figure below shows an example of what a ready-made application created in My Visual Database might look like

Other application examples can be found here: http://myvisualdatabase.com/products.html