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Good Day Wizards. I'm having problem on rendering Routes and Area.
Some of the routes seems fine (overlapping the area) but there are times other routes don't.
I am rendering maps(area, route and marker) via script. I already tried loading all routes after loading area but the result is the same.
Is there any way to correct this
Markers must overlap routes, and routes must overlap area.
Thanks in advance


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DriveSoft wrote:


Form not close because in the setting of Save button on f1 form you have unchecked checkbox "Close the current form after saving"

What exactly you want to do using dbDontResetID property?

I intentionally unchecked it. I don't want form to close right after saving. The problem is the adding of child for the new record for f1 right after saving the new record.


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Good Day Wizards.

Can anyone help me in this problem?
I'm having hard time on Form (not close when saved)

Problem Occurred when:
1. Add New Item from Main
2. Enter Data Field1, FIeld2
3. Click Save
4. Click Add Child
5. Enter Data Field3
6. Click Save

Other process is OK Like, Edit, or clicking Add Child before clicking Save from Form 1

Thanks in Advance.


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Radio button too will be great.

Good Day,

Can anyone enlighten me on my problem? I need a function or property of Grid to determine the Total Record Found(Filtered, not the total record in the table). I'm working with Offset/Pagination Grid

I have 1 million records paginated by 100's

Then, for example: filtering the grid with bunch of filters, I want to know the total filtered record (say for example, the filtered records are 500,110). Is there any simple way to do or get the 500,110 without executing query? My filters consist of at least 50 filters., It is so hard to generate query from it.

Thank you in advance.


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Any update on this? I'm on the same page with thezimguy.
I need to show the filtered record but I don't know what function to use.
It is also tedious work to query all filters just to show the total number of filtered record.
I have here a json on one of my PHP project.
Filtering the 4804 record, then paginating the filtered record (199) by 10.
I want to know if there's an existing function to use to get the recordsFiltered on the grid.
Thanks in advance.


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Good Day!

Is there a way for me to comment couple/several of lines with just a shortcut e.g. Ctrl+/ after selecting the lines?

Thanks in advance


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Thank you Dmitry.


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Good Day!

I'm having trouble in report with filters  >, >=, < and <=. Other filters are working fine such as =, <>, etc.

Attached here is my sample.

Thank you.

PS: I'm using version 5.0