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The thing is I wanted to copy a form with it table, when selecting all I thought it meant table as well, But that's not the case is it.

What I found when working on two project with two MyVisualDatabase open at once, you can us copy and paste but certain parts attached to the edge of the form and wouldn't detatch afterwards.

I wanted to use Tables and forms created in one database and use in another, and use Drag & Drop procedure to do so.

Otherwise it mean recreating the table & forms over and over again.

My be a good idea would be to have a section in your program that you can save elements of Tables & Forms you create from all your databases which then you can use in others, by dragging and dropping.

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I wonder if this procedure still works on older forms.

But Thanks to derek for pointing out that I was going to mention and I didn't know about the Ctrl+A Then Ctrl+C


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Hello again, I have a worth while suggestion, which I did mention some years ago.

You know need to introduce 'Copy, Cut & Paste' into your program for speed of working.

To enable flexibility to your Forms.
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This is excellent and so far reads good English, This is what people needed to understand what your database is all about especially new people to database creation or application design.



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Your doing wonders it great to hear from you, it's been a long time.

Thanks for the download, once again, I thought you forgot about me.


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I know all about MVD as I am then person that converted the manual to English, some years ago now.

Thanks David

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Thanks for information.

When you said you use Uniserver is that the same one as uniformserver.com or is it another ?

Are you also saying that once you have your MyVisualDatabase running and you've clicked the MySQL button you would see the server that you have just installed ?

It would have been better if MyVisualDatabase had all these measures built in the software, to make this an easy to use Database program for all none programmers to use on or off the web.


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Here you can find ready to use Windows server, which include Apache, MySQL and PHP:

Yes but what are these used for ?

Can I design Database for through the webgrid with them ?

Do you use them independent of webgrid ?

I am not a programmer.


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I don't have an account with MySQL so can I not use this Button ?

All I wanted is to use MYVISUALDATABASE and use the WEBGRID so I could create a database for the web.


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Obviously you are getting the wrong information.

When you open MyVisualDatabase on the right hand side of the screen you have a SQL Button, please explain clearly what it is for ?


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I have clicked on the SQL Button to change to and login to the bottom MySQL to create for the web and it won't let me create tables !

Do I have to create tables first ?

Need some Help.


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So how do I do that ?

If it was with in your MVD software you could direct me.


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I wanted to use WEB GRID to use on the start up of a new MVD database, so that I can create a web database.


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It says I have to use a MYSQL Database to use the web grid.

So can I choose to create a SQL Database from the start of using My Visual Database ?

And if not, Why Not ?


Hello again.

Could I ask when you use the webgrid is this just a tool, but not a system for uploading the database when complete and could you tell me what would be displayed when someone uploads the database t the web?

Is it an alternative to creating a standard database, if so it should be at the beginning when you start a new database and you can choose from 'Off-line Database' or 'On-line Database' this would be great.

I have not used any of the new items and new to the web grid you have added.

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Rather than have 'Edit Button', it would be better to "Right Click" then 'Rename' in popup menu.


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Another thing is I ca't read the language.


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Oh Yes

Went in wrong file


But when using the it I have found that the Edit button doesn't work, it should go to an edit box and save to file.


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Your example is not Treeview, it is Trial period.

You need to change your example. Only just had a look at it.


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So your a Hacker!

It's people like you who ruin software.

He's a one man band so leave it be.


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Take a look at the following website scroll down till you get the code for a Tree View within a database.

http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/147 … e-Database

Hope this helps, The Engineer


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Sounds ok.

Just trying Help you develop it further, I evaluate software. What's good for some it not for others, this is why I try to help all.

as for Drive Soft forms they can be individual but it depends on the developer of the database and if he/she relates a table to a form or not. Obviously you can just have one table to suit all forms.

Everyone does things different.

Anyway Good Luck.


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If you create a simple File Manager that Locates all My Visual Database associated files that is everything you are always on a winner, because you can create a Drag and Drop, Copy or Delete, whatever.

A file manager that looks after all is the best route. better than Buttons everywhere

If you can't create a file manager.

It might be better for Drive Soft to create it within their system.


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So what is the difference.

above you have created a selection process for a Form that you want to copy and 2 Table to copy with it which to me will work in the copying process and you get both the Form and associated Table.

to me, when copying a form you should be able to copy all it's associates with example. Form\Table\Programming etc.

If this can't be done in one program then create individual simple apps to do the job.

But it's always better to have one app that does all.

Think of your selection process Select Form, so when you select form the only table/s associated with that form should appear in the second selection window. Thus copying all to a location.

I hope I have help you out.


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Not really because you could copy them across individually.

I am thinking of the Table which is relation to the form copied, then just alter minor adjustment to the table.

ie: copy - form\table and what ever is allocated to them.