Hi all,

I am trying to migrate an application that always was working with Sqlite which contains 2 Date columns that should not be null. While it was working fine with Sqlite which stores dates as text, the creation of these columns is problematic when connecting to a blank MySql database when Myvisualdatabase tries to create the tables. It trows the infamous "Invalid default value for 'Date_Column'.

I have tried to change the default value with "CURRENT_DATE" or "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" in MyVisualDatabase with no luck, I still get the same error when creating the tables in MySQL. Any experience on anyone side?


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This is called cascade delete, there is an option in the table management tab. Edit the table column(s) you need to manage to find it.

https://www.techonthenet.com/sqlite/for … delete.php


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brian.zaballa wrote:

Here's an updated link of the project.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1dnv5mcv3sqgp … r.zip?dl=1

It would be useful if we could see what the icon is going to look like depending on the theme chosen and if we could actually add more themes. smile


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Do you have an example on how to do these designs? The rounded boxes look nice, how about the special icons next to the window controls?


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Step-in wrote:
sparrow wrote:

I don’t know what’s on the forums, but in the DELPHI Basic Tutorial it says:

  Min int64 value = -9223372036854775808
  Max int64 value = 9223372036854775807


Oh, only 19 characters up to 9223372036854775807. What can be done in my case? Will MVD not be able to handle this situation?

Unless you really need some sort of calculation or anything very specific to be done with your very long strings, the best would be to use a text based field and use it as a string. The limitations are the same for SQLite than for Delphi.

Hi jean, where did you find the icons in your attached screenshot?

Youtube reference not working

I see in the video that you are running the compiled project with wine on Mac OS, did you develop this project via wine too or did you use a PC/Virtual machine? I have a Mac too and I use virtual machines for Windows stuffs.


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Those numbers are anything but time values. Do you have a project you could send?


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Twice the same post with 2 different nicknames smells fishy.


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what is your formula for the time diff?


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You can edit the property of the time picker on the left side, Kind= time, Format= hh:mm for 12 hours, HH:mm for 24 hours so no seconds will be displayed.

The latest version 3.44.2 https://www.sqlite.org/index.html works very well.

I see that you are using an outdated sqlite.dll (2014)  in your project, you would be better of with a newer version which provides new features!!


Thank you so much Derek for taking the time despite your busy schedule to explain something that is simple to most of advanced developers but still is a work in progress for most of us. It works great, basic is the best!!

I have read many articles about this solution in other forums but they were all context specific with no clear explanation  and I could not understand how to apply it to My Visual Database since I am not (yet) a Delphi programmer. I bought some Delphi books but I just started them...

But it does not work as I always get the error "Undeclared identifier:'dbFilter'.... " whichever the number.

At the end of the script before the final end.

I put

 frmdbCoreUserForm.components[21].dbFilter:= 'id IS NOT 3';

and it does not compile with the error "Undeclared identifier:'dbFilter'.... "

Hi Sparrow,
I understood this part, the problem is to know what is the name or the component reference of this combo!
There must be a reference to this combo somewhere, otherwise it could not exist or is there a trick to address an unnamed component in a form?

Yeah, actually I renamed the topic since we cannot interact with the frmdbCoreUsers.gridusers and actually it makes no sense to play with it since  the main issue is in the role combobox filtering in the frmdbCoreUserForm.

If the application has been compiled with a specific role and the role is deleted from the database afterward via sqlitestudio to hide it, the role will reappear in the database with a new id at next app launch. I do have buttons and fields reserved to developer in my app and I want to avoid anyone else to play with them. Without this restriction I must keep 2 versions of the app, 1 with the hidden dev features as well as no dev permissions and 1 without any of the dev features which is cumbersome.

It looks like the frmdbCoreUserForm combobox is a dynamic component and I don't get how to filter it.

Well... I cannot get anything working to manipulate at least the frmdbCoreUserForm.combobox to not display the role with id=3

I have tried all number in components[] without a result.

This is where I am at:

 frmdbCoreUserForm.components[21].dbFilter:= 'id IS NOT 3';

and the error is always Undeclared identifier:'dbFilter'.... whichever the number

Thanks guys.

@k425, I have downloaded the current available version of clearapp and I don't see the last line which you show on your screenshot.
I cannot read Russian but there is an absolute link instead of relative link to ".\Script\Tools\Dbg\resourses\clear.png" when clicking on the second item of first menu in the main form.

Thanks pavlenko.vladimir.v.

Does anyone know how the user grid and the role combobox in the frmdbCoreUsers are called?
I am trying to hide one user and one role from prying eyes.

Yeah but the price of the product for commercial use is just prohibitive!!! I have thought of integrating some python script within MVD to do exactly the same thing but for free big_smile I am still working on it...

That looks very cool, if only we could design this kind of stuff within My visual Database!!


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Except for the xml file, is there any other feature worth using the unofficial 6.61beta?


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I know about the version, I was talking about the new "export to CSV" feature and wanted a way to ask the user where he wants to save the file via the scripts above instead of having a handwritten path in the script. I al still working on how to include Sparrow's answer to the function / procedure written by Drivesoft, that's because I am still a bit slow in the Pascal side smile