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Is there any possibility to show images in combobox or in grids?

I can put reference to image in combo properties in FieldName but it isn't shown anyway.

Thanks 4 any info.


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Thank you Hram for example, but your construction is complete different and doesn't answer my problem: how to list students from school BCD. in school form / student grid. wink

School BCD is just a name (that inside there are 3 classess B, C, D for easier values view, it can has any name) and that school has 3 classes inside with students starting with letters B, C and D.

I'm looking for a way, result in school form --> students grid: list of names of all students in School BCD (so all students in class B,C,D)

I guess involving school fom --> class grid in searching is the key.


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Attached project for everyone interested in that kind of example.


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I ask you to help me with (I guess for you) simple way to search values in tables related with other tables.

So I created a simple project, some kind of example, perhaps it would be helpfull for anyone else:

School - with classes
Classes - with students

Question is, how to search/show all students in specific school.
In screenshot example I'm looking for every student from School BCD so it should be every students in classes B,C,D

I think undestanding this example of more complicated searching/showing grids will be benefit to all VERY BEGINNERS as I am wink


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rodhi wrote:

navigation ie - "First Next Previous Last"

It would be very usefull

I've noticed that I can add only 10 references:


id_name10 chosen in properties of object has no fieldname to choose.

Should be more than 10?


That is what I needed.

Yes, I use fields with boolean but I want to replace it with many references, because of 'yes, no,  unknown' valuses in grid which are english and all other things are in different language so it's kind of not good.
But thanks for references advice, as one can see questions.png (attachement) it's working but I don't know how to show choice names in grid instead of id's. I can add choice.name but it just show first id_choice field.

Is there some easy way to do that? It would be very helpfull to have that solution


I trying to figure it out how to make many that same combos with only YES and NO and I DONT KNOW values?



Question 1: combo (with Yes, no, I dont know)
Question 2: combo...

If I want to manage it only with one table (or two, second is a choicetable with 2 values YES, NO) I can't make in that way:

id_choice [choicetable]

because I can't put more than one: id_choice [choicetable] - reference?

So any ideas?

Thank you!

Indeed, there is an option, I missed it, so sorry for spaming around wink



How to prevent 'save record' action button from closing form?


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I try to get results from 2 tables, so I use combobox (see screen attached)

Problem is that in result I don't want to show fields cdo.id_cialo, cdo.id_problemy, wrdo.id_receptury
When I remove them from 'the result', there will be message 'no column cdo.id_cialo...'

I thought that perhaps SQL action (other post)

Any ideas how to not show that fields in result? smile


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Indeed, it would be very usefull. smile

Other question concerns values in english like BOOLEAN values of checkboxes which have NO and YES shown in grid.
And what to do with users who doesn't speak english at all? I guess nothing at this moment wink


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Superb! big_smile

Works fine, looks fine.

Is there a line that covers all fields?


instead of:

If not, it's ok, qestion of time entering all fields, but the most important fhing is working sqlite3.dll!



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Indeed, there are no more conversion whole text to capital and it looks like it should, but as you said, searching is lost....

I can't search with ą,ę,ż,ź,ń,ć (somethimes it works for 'ż') and those signs are almost everywhere.

So there is no other solution but choice: capital text or no broken searching?

Searching is more important than capital letters, it just look unprofessional for user when program makes capital everywhere when special letters appears and makes correct when those letters are not. sad


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When I input text with ą,ę,ż,ź,ń,ć in a field, whole text is CAPITAL in that field.

It's kind of bug...


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My friend found it:

formname.Show; (f.e. form2.show;)

But how to show form in the same window? (with menu)


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TestTMenu.zip contains menu and it works with 1.42 version.

I have one question:

procedure MenuClick3 (Sender: string);
     ShowMessage('Hello from subitem');

What is command (line) to show specific form instead of showing message?

Thank you in advance and very sorry for noobish questions wink


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Thanks a lot!

Login - works
but menu not: Undeclared identifier: 'Insert'

Should it work or that files are only guidelines?

I'm sorry for such questions but I chose MVD because my non programing skills.


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Hi all!

At the beginning I want to congratulate the MVD team for goood job at MyVisualDatabase! It gave me hope to make some soft very simple, so I am looking foward new versions and features. But.. I can't find any calendar info about new releases dates and it's features... f.e. many users (logins) or creating menu.

So when can we expect logins and creating menu stuff?

it isn't anywhere or I just missed it?

I suggest to create section at forum with 'new features' where people can comment their ideas - if you want to - of course! smile
It also be helpfull see some section for bugs