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Hi everyone,
                 A form have to tablegrid having data of two different table but both have relationship in third table. Is it possible to delete a row of a tablegrid then the row of other table also deleted. How it will be


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Thank you k245 but problem will remain unsolve. How will we get date and save it on different forms in a table calendar?


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Any one has an idea about date data field? We can use date in one table column to more tables, How can we save one date data field of one table to other table on various forms date component?


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Hi k245,
           Here is my project. Need your precious intention. I made some changes but it print only one last record.


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I am facing a problem that is I put data field on master data band but but it did not print the data only blank sheet? Why it is? How can I solve it?


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Is there possible to show data on tablegrid for specific value or running valve in EditCounter? If yes then how?


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Thank you derek to reply. I am attaching my old project which was my learning project. Many members help my on that project. Look at project Form2 uses to input of sales to form sale. and then get print. In this project we use a separate form for input but in Pharmacy project such form is not using but on same form. Objects in Group Box 1 of the form Sales are used to input sales but it does not give same result as income expenses project's result.


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Hi Every one
   I am attaching a project which is basically structure of my project. I am developing and application for pharmacy. There is three forms. Form Sales which will deal with customer's orders while other maintain stock in hand and third about medicines and it prices.
I use button5(Add) to add medicines and its prices from cb1, Edit2, Edit4, Edit 5 and Edit6 and result will show on tablegrid1and then price invoice. Problem is there tablegrid1 show all records but I want it must show current invoice records. Button1(Next) is for next invoice and clear all fields too.
I need some help. Thanks in advance.


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I am getting this type of error red strip when I execute project. Can any one help.


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Hi everyone,
                 How are you all? I am sure fine and comfortable. Today I wan to know whether Python can be used in MVD? if yes then how?


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Hi derek,
            Infact I dont want to "and 00" to be appeared.


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Thank you derek that is what I want to know but and 00 appear. I dont need it. How do I  eliminate  it?


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Thank you derek to guide. One more question, if there is round figure no sub division of currency than?


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hi derek,
          Thank to upload the useful project. Can you tell about 'replacestr' and 'fourty' 'forty'?


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Thank you JoshuA. Can you explain this function how to use it?


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Hi every One,
         Can any one tell me about how to add total in words? For example if total of a bill is 245/- then it should be shown in words 'two hundreds forty five only. How it will be in report?


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Thank you sparrow, if there is more than one combo box and more columns on tablegrid then?


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Hi friends
           We save data from combo box which will display on tablegrid. Is there is way if we select data row on tablegrid then it will also appear on corresponding combo box too?


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Thanks blackpearl


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In b.is_active, what is b?


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Tablegrid is used for to show records of tables. I want to know how we can use tablegrid to show record of current date or current month only?


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Hi all,
     I need help to make a search button using script. A text will be added in edit box and click a button to search record and display on tablegrid.


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Hi sparrow,
                How can we add search record button in your project? "my"


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Hi blackpearl8534
                            Thank you to reply. Can you attach a project as sample which will guide me.


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Hi all,
        I want to use a bar code reader in my project and my project is related to a shop where some items have bar codes and some have not. In search 
field like a text box where a code from bar code scanner will enter and other text box should show packing and price of an item. How it will be?