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Here you can find documentation in French:

Offline version: … download=1

Many thanks to Yann YVINEC.
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This is great, thanks Yann Yvinec!! (I am French too tongue )

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I've translated MVD Help in French.
If ever you find any mistake in this translation, please email me  and I'll fix it immédiately.

Yann Yvinec

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Re: Documentation in French

Very nice :-) I'm an old delphi user (delphi 1, 2, 3 and 4). I switched to WinDev (because I was tired to rewrite or buy components because each version came with its own report editor and tcp/ip components). I wrote some apps in LiveCode (until the incredible price rise). I was looking for a good IDE with local (sqlite) and remote database access (mariadb) using a compiled language (without having to eat noddles for months). And I found MVD. I tried it some days and finally bought a licence ($99). I hope I could change to lifetime later when I save more money (we all have a fridge to fill and kids to feed). I found your documentation very useful. Is there a french website or blog somewhere (about MVD) ? In the next coming weeks, I may have scripts to share (oldies from delphi, translated from LiveCode and WinDev). Thanks Yann (If you're near Nantes may be we can drink a beer ?)

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Hello Jihem

I'm not so far from Nantes.
I'm  living near Rennes.

There is not yet a french website about MVD

If I ever get into it, I would ask Dmitry for permission to use the trade name of MVD.

For now, the forum of MV is rich enough for everyone to find the solution to his problem. There are excellent contributors (Derek, Ehwagner, Mathmatou, I apologize to those whom I have forgotten).

With all the  snippets of codes distributed on the forum, I made a reminder to me by headings (grid, sql, pictures, etc).

What a pity that Dmitry has not yet implemented the component Treview in MV, I could have created this reminder with MVD, it is so easy. But I do not despair.


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Re: Documentation in French

Hi Yann,
Thanks for all these advices. I began to read a lot of posts in the script section (and to download the provided projects).
I found a lot of things I'm interested in: database encryption, how to use grids with our own SQL statements, ...
That sounds good for me.
Kind regards,

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Re: Documentation in French

Is it up to date?