Topic: Tip if using SQL script and date('now')

I hadn't realised that date('now') is connected to a specific timezone.

Where I live it is currently 10:20am on 1/6/2020 - however up until 30 minutes ago using the SQL date function was reporting itself as  31/5/2020 - according to SQL the time is presently  18:20 1/6/2020.

Which goes to show that if you want accurate time and dates, the datepicker is the component to use.

It certainly caught me out, and only because I was testing a database and couldn't work out why at 7:30am on 1/6/20 SQL date was insisting it was still 31/5/20.

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Re: Tip if using SQL script and date('now')

You could try
Datetime ('now','localtime')