Topic: MVD not seeing code

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

I like to work with separate PAS files for large programs, so each form has its own script file. They are declared like so

    'technicians.pas', 'suppliers.pas', 'editPart.pas', 'partMaintenance.pas', 'lookup.pas','editAssembly.pas';

Now I have a button click event that when I place it in the 'editAssembly.pas' file MVD does not recognise it, in fact it ignores it. It sees all the other code in the file but this one event.

The moment I cut the procedure from the file and paste it into the main script file MVD sees it and compiles it.

I'm suspecting there is some sort of corruption that occurs in the XML file, but it is strange that it only is happening with this one button click event.

I'm not in a position to zip the scripts up tonight, but I'll do so tomorrow. In the meantime anyone else had this conundrum?

MVD V6.3

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Re: MVD not seeing code

I want to see your code. I'm using this method of including files. Maybe something's wrong with your script if all procedures and functions included in the external files are working but the one button procedure.