Topic: Setting Anchors by code.

I've hijacked the login form to place my own image and text.  The code below works.


  lbAcknowledge := TLabel.Create(frmdbCoreLogin);
  lbAcknowledge.Left := 113;
  lbAcknowledge.Top := 170;
  lbAcknowledge.Width := 300;
  lbAcknowledge.Height:= 15;
  lbAcknowledge.Parent := frmdbCoreLogin;
  lbAcknowledge.Wordwrap := true;
  lbAcknowledge.Caption := 'image copyright free from';
  lbAcknowledge.Visible := True;

  frmdbCoreLogin.Caption := 'Workshop Parts Login';

   {logo is copyright free from }
 frmdbCoreLogin.Image1.Picture.loadfromfile((ExtractFilePath(Application.ExeName)+ 'WOS_login.jpg'));


However with screens that have a different resolution the label moves too far from the logo and becomes obscured by the User log in box.

I have tried to use anchors, but I get errors as follows.

lbAcknowledge.Anchors := [akTop, akLeft, akRight];

I get an error "Initialization section......... Could not convert variant into an integer".

If I try

lbAcknowledge.Anchors := [TAnchors.akLeft, TAnchors.akTop];

My error becomes "cannot form an array".

Any thoughts out there on how to set anchors in the 'initialization' section of the script?

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