Topic: Suggestion to Dymitri - user table

Just a personal view, but I think it would be more useful if the User login time was inserted on form.destroy rather than form.create or another column Last_Logged_Out was created.

My reasoning is that if someone needs to know or display the last time the user logged in, it could be argued that that would be the last time they used the program which of course would be derived perhaps from a logged out time.

Currently the way the table is set up it works if it was needed to create a list of users currently logged in, but not if you want to know the last time a user used the system.

Another column Last_Logged_Out would give the developer more options to choose from.

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Re: Suggestion to Dymitri - user table

в таком случае проще использовать таймер .. потому как в случае сбоя программа не запишет время выхода..