Topic: adding a tablegrid causes an Access violation at design time

I'm trying to add a tablegrid to an existing project.  The moment I attach a database to the grid I get an Access violation message box.

The program will compile and run, the tablegrid will link to the database, but in this case does not recognise any search criteria.

I've tried starting a new form and placing a tablegrid on that, same problem,

There is obviously a problem somewhere, but I can't see where. XML Notepad does not report an error when I look at the Form.xml, the DCU file appears OK, though as EditPad can't parse it properly that is difficult to tell.

The VDB file is, in actuality, nothing more than a settings file for hidden forms, so that leaves the settings or tables.ini files, I can't see a problem there either.

Not being able to run a debugger it is hard to see what the module referred too is unhappy with.

Any suggestions on where I might need to look to solve this problem?

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Re: adding a tablegrid causes an Access violation at design time

If you can add the project maybe someone can spot something although it seems like you've checked most things already.