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Topic: AutoZipper - other freeware backup tool

Backup tool on the link, which I use on some projects. Very good! Allows you to include encrypted password with AES256.

PS.: Sparrow, I will still give feedback on the dynamic query.


This batch file can be executed by AutoZipper, after finishing the copy, which will add date and time to the name of the zip file.

echo off
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('wmic OS Get localdatetime  ^| find "."') do set dt=%%a
set YYYY=%dt:~0,4%
set MM=%dt:~4,2%
set DD=%dt:~6,2%
set HH=%dt:~8,2%
set Min=%dt:~10,2%
set Sec=%dt:~12,2%

set stamp=%YYYY%%MM%%DD%_%HH%%Min%%Sec%

move "G:\Meu Drive\Projetos Visual Kit 5\projeto_atual\Projeto_Atual_VK5.zip" "G:\Meu Drive\Projetos Visual Kit 5\projeto_atual\Projeto_Atual_vk5_%stamp%.zip"
Roberto Alencar