Topic: sqlite multi-user questions.

I realise this might be outside the scope of general questions here, but if there is a general database expert their thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

My Sqlite database using MVD is almost ready for use, however the environment in which it is going to be used has just had its IT department increase security on a mapped shared drive.  This has caused my little program to break even with WAL enabled. Some people can access it and others get a disk IO error or database locked messages. Eventually everything falls over for everyone.

I believe the reason this has suddenly started happening (my previous testing didn't have this problem) is due to the mapped drive being not only cached but the cache also gets wiped at regular intervals.

I am not in a position to alter any of this, so I'm wondering if I put the SQLite database into in-memory mode would this possibly solve my problem? I'm assuming that in-memory mode will create an in-memory database on the users PC and that behind the scenes transactions occur that allow the writes to be persisted back to the on-disk DB.

1. Does this sound correct?
2. Can MVD work with a Sqlite DB in - in- memory mode?
3. Is there another way around this? 

Note using MySQL isn't an option, as I can't install MySQL server (or any software that requires accessing registry) on either my work PC or the mapped drive.

If none of the above is possible I'll have to install my program on a non networked PC and just have multiple users use it one at a time.

Any solutions or suggestions gratefully received.

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Re: sqlite multi-user questions.

I have just had one further thought, perhaps I only need to have the database on the shared drive and the users have their own copy of the program pointing to the single database in WAL mode.

Currently I have the program and the database in the same directory basically duplicating my development environment.

On a clear disk you can seek forever