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Hello All -
MVD Community, I've a question hoping you can help me out.  Is there a function or command in the delphi script that can
concatenate part of a value in a combobox to display on a textbox when you choose the item in the combobox?

Let me explain, consider the following code:

procedure Form1_ComboBox1_OnCloseUp (Sender: TObject);
  Form1.Edit1.Text := Form1.ComboBox1.Text;

The above works fine displaying the text from the combobox into the textbox but what I just want to show in the description only a part of the combobox value that was chosen?

For example, the combobox value chosen is something like:

            Paper products and miscellaneous

I want to show the numeric code in the left in the combobox and the description ONLY in the textbox.

Can this be accomplished?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Re: Show only part of Combobox Value

here is it

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Re: Show only part of Combobox Value

the3dmen wrote:

here is it

Beautiful!  - great man!  thanks!!!