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Topic: How to use MySQL in MVD?

Hello everybody! I have no experience or any knowledge of MySql, but I thought about exploring this feature in MVD, since MySQL, according to what I read, is an established multi-user database due to its performance, security, stability, etc. I also think about the future if I have to create an application that must be accessed by several users simultaneously.

I was able to download and run xampp-portable-win32-1.8.3-5-VC11.7z. Connection to Apache and MySQL have been established. I created a name for the database, username and password. I opened an existing MVD application (Sqlite) and pressed the "Webgrid" button. I entered the localhost, database, username and password. I selected the fields from some tables for the "Webgrid", but I can't go to the end of the window - my maximum resolution is 1920x1080 and MVD 5.6. Therefore, I am not able to complete this operation, but I have several questions:

- what is the purpose of "Webgrid"?
- will the data be automatically migrated at some point in the process?
- will existing forms work with MysQL?

I appreciate any information.


Roberto Alencar

Re: How to use MySQL in MVD?

From http://myvisualdatabase.com/help_en/Webgrid.html

The application allows you to organize simple access to your database data via a browser.
Only basic data operations, such as creating/editing/deleting records (CRUD) and search with output to a table will be available.

You can use this link to test this feature:


you create your application in MYSQL. Your forms will work with MYSQL. And WEBGRID will also work with MYSQL.

- will the data be automatically migrated at some point in the process?
Data is not automatically transferred from SQLite to MYSQL.

Existing forms???
If this is an already running SQLite application, you will have to migrate to the MYSQL database.
Minor difficulties MAY arise with queries (SQLite and MYSQL syntax) that are written manually (queries, calculated fields, filters, SQL reports).
But this is easy to fix.

Re: How to use MySQL in MVD?

Sparrow, thank you.

Roberto Alencar