Topic: How to include photos from database to fastreport?


Can anyone give me a step by step guide how to add my saved photos to my fast reports. I need the guide in step by step.

What i have done:

1. I already have the photos saved as a link. It is already viewable when I run the program,

2. but when i add it in my fast report they dont appear.

3. I did not do any code, I also did not add any calculations on my main table because I dont know how.

Am i missing something?

4. Can you give a sample project please?

Thanks anyone

---may the force be with you!

Re: How to include photos from database to fastreport?

Hello Anakin
To answer your question (buddy in a state) you will find in PJ
a doc file that I made from a response from Dmitri.
This is the step-by-step process to get what you want.
It's in French, but with Google Translate, you can adapt it (and everyone else) into your native language.
Good luck and come back to us if something gets stuck.
Is your photo already declared in your database?

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