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Topic: Why there is no version update?

Version: 6.5 (04 February 2021) during time of purchase

I downloaded 6.6 beta from forum.

To download new latest versions do I have to buy life time license ?

like version 2022,2023,2024?

Priority technical support on our forum? who is providing this?

Re: Why there is no version update?

MVD is not, at the moment, being actively developed by its author.  Whether he will develop it further at some point in the future is unclear.  You need to bear this in mind when evaluating MVD against other possible software platforms.
Because of this, it would not be worth buying a life-time license - if you have a license for the latest official release (MVD 6.5), then that should be sufficient.
Support for any questions you may have continues to be given from volunteers via the Forum.  As with any help, the more detailed you can be about your question together with providing an attachment and a step-by-step explanation of your problem will determine how effectively your question can be answered.

Re: Why there is no version update?

thanks got it.