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I have an unfinished file project that I started a long time ago and I would like to finish it now.
The problem is that I have already forgotten a lot of things, so I need help.
On second form called FullData, an image was saved as DBImage2.
This image, together with all other data, needs to be displayed in the Report, but on a Page2 of the Report.
I managed to display (print) everything on Page1, but on Page2 where only DBImage2 from the FullData form should be displayed, there is nothing.
The table name is Winding.
How do I fix this?
Thanks in advance.

Re: DBImage2 to the Page2 od Report

FastReport manual: … ual-en.pdf

2.24 Multipage reports
FastReport reports can consist of several design pages. You can adjust such
parameters as size and orientation for each page, as well as to place different objects and
bands on it. When outputting this type of report, all bands from the first design page will be
displayed, then the bands from the second one, etc. ....

Re: DBImage2 to the Page2 od Report

Hi Sparrow,

Thank you for your prompt response and the attachment.
However, the book is too extensive and overcomplicated for me.
I don't want to become an MVD expert, but just finish the project I've started.
Could someone please show me an example of how to do this?

I would like to emphasize that the report will always be only two pages long and the image will always be displayed on Page 2.
Is there any help available?
Thanks in advance.

Re: DBImage2 to the Page2 od Report

Hi Zlaya, Sparrow,
1.  In Fastreport, create a new page (screenshot1 in the attachment)..
2.  Add a masterdata band and then insert an image within the masterdata band (screenshot2 in the attachment)
3.  Assign the relevant dataset and data field to the image.
See the attachment for a working example of what I understand your requirement to be.

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