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Hello Yves,

I'm using MySQL version 5.6.51 for my MVD LAN-based projects. Unfortunately if I'm not mistaken, this is the latest mysql version you can use with MVD.


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hello, anyone familiar with the piechart on TCHart? I've been looking for a solution to remove its shadow. Thanks


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Hello, I worked on a responsive dashboard and used panel for it. This might give you an idea. It is not perfect, but might help. smile


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hichame wrote:

si dmitry ne veut pas continuer à développer MDV, pourquoi ne pas transmettre le code source à un autre développeur?

(we can not add components or controls to MDV)

It has been a concern since then. But the thing is that MVD was created using a legendary and old version of Delphi I'm not so sure to what exact version 5 or 7 maybe. There are also tons of components to consider. If you have tried Developing using Delphi, you'll understand giving project code to someone will be difficult. Having license to these components to continue developing MVD will cost you fortune for sure.


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hichame wrote:

i m so sad when i see no new posts in this forum.
i check the forum evry day . And i m so sad also to see such a good software such MDV will be discontined .
just i want to know if is there any future for this good and unique software in the internet.
Have a good day for all.

Dmtry's not gonna continue developing MVD so far he said on this thread  http://myvisualdatabase.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=8261

So far, I can continue developing software in MVD without any problem, we just add components (new app that access same database using Delphi - an expensive one thou) to cope some features that MVD can't handle such as the Map for the component used by MVD's not working anymore with google map's update


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v_pozidis wrote:

Maby this one will help you..

I think he's asking on the third party software/library used by MVD to create DB diagram automatically.

Are you perhaps just looking for a library to be embedded to an application teco?

Or you just needed a tool? If so, then perhaps this list would be nice to try https://www.guru99.com/free-database-di … tools.html

I'm using Navicat Premium(this one's not on that list and is paid thou) on managing my databases and it can do this on its Reverse Database to Model. It also allows you to create a model, then sync it to database or export to sql, etc.

Navicat also has their Data Modeler w/ free version, the Essentials but with limited to just creating your model/diagram, then saving it to image or pdf. Exporting it to sql or connecting to database will need a subscription.

Nice. It seems you got the solution then.
You can also try the condition <=>
Sorry, I don't speak Russian so I have to use G.Translate first.

CREATE DEFINER=`******`@`%` TRIGGER `pk_adi`.`edit_anketa_napravl_spec` AFTER UPDATE ON pk_adi.anketa FOR EACH ROW
  Set @var_napravl_spec1 = Old.napravl_spec;
  IF @var_napravl_spec1 IS NULL then Set @var_napravl_spec1 = 'пусто'; End If;
  Set @var_napravl_spec2 = New.napravl_spec;
  IF @var_napravl_spec2 IS NULL then Set @var_napravl_spec2 = 'пусто'; End If;
  Set @fi= (SELECT CONCAT(fullname," ",name) FROM anketa WHERE id=Old.id);
  set @idU = New.id_users1;
  set @nKart = Old.n_abit;

  IF !(old.napravl_spec <=> new.napravl_spec) THEN
  INSERT INTO log_extend VALUES(NULL,@idU,SYSDATE(),CONCAT("изменение поля <<специальность документа об образовании>> в № карточки ",@nKart," ",@fi,". Было: ",@var_napravl_spec1,", стало: ",@var_napravl_spec2));
  End if;

Hello, I'm not sure to what field are you trying to cite here. The name perhaps? try using COALESCE while doing CONCAT with nullable fields

CONCAT(COALESCE(fullname,"")," ",COALESCE(name,""))


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Here's an idea. Hope it can be a start to what you want to do with it.


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I hope Dmitry can consider this. We would love to support you on this one.


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I don't know if you are trying to get the Disk's serial. but you can use the function in the right side of the script

tcoton wrote:

Is there a more secure way to connect to a SQL Server, everything is readable in the script file. Could it be possible to connect using ODBC connection directly so it is not hard coded?

Here's my way of adding security to it. I think direct ODBC connection is not possible in Pascal Script.


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Hope something like this can get you started to what you are looking for.


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Here's an updated link of the project.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1dnv5mcv3sqgp … r.zip?dl=1


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procedure frmLogin_Button1_OnClick ( Sender: string; var Cancel: boolean ); // check credentials and, if okay, show Form1
///////////////  Login, password, user rights  /////////////////////
    chk: Integer;
    chk := SQLExecute('SELECT COALESCE(id, -1) FROM users WHERE lldelo LIKE '''+frmLogin.Edit1.Text+''' AND pass LIKE '''+StrToMD5 ( frmLogin.Edit2.Text )+'''');   
    // opt 2
    // chk := SQLExecute('SELECT COALESCE(id, -1) FROM users WHERE lldelo LIKE '''+frmLogin.Edit1.Text+''' AND pass LIKE '''+UPPERCASE(StrToMD5 ( frmLogin.Edit2.Text ))+'''');         

   if chk > 0 then

again, it is better for you to attach a sample working program with the problem, It would be much easier that way


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your indicated valid employee number is vague. can you elaborate it?
is it all emp no must be a 4 digit number or must 1 to 9999? Or which is which?


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frmOrderProduct.Button6.dbDontResetID := False;

This code will always make make it add new record if you are not closing the form after saving.

it will be much appreciated if you can attach if not your project, just a simple one so that people can check it out easily. It is much easier to debug with it


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It's hard trying to create a report without the data. But have you tried having where clause?

Select employees.employees.lastname,
   Total((bsm_off.cost * bsm_off.inn))
From bsm_off
Left Join employees On employees.id = bsm_off.id_employees
Left Join orderproduct On orderproduct.id = bsm_off.id_orderproduct
WHERE bsm_off.Vidano = 1
Group By bsm_off.orderproduct


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I'm not so sure to what will be the implementation of the idea but here's a sample that will get you started. Hope it'll help.


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Maybe this post will give you some ideas



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Two option enter into my mind to address it.

Option 1. Do have a field (a hidden maybe) that will handle the calculated field, then put the calculation in the OnClick Event of the Save button
Option 2. If you are familiar with trigger, I am using it in some of my projects with complex saving or interaction with other table, in this sample, I just use 1 table.

Take note that you must be familiar if not expert with trigger, personally I am enjoying using triggers, procedures and functions (proc and func is only available for mySQL thou). Triggers are also difficult to maintain so for beginner, I would go with Option 1.


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Check on this one http://myvisualdatabase.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=7915


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That dictionary also fixed my problem here http://myvisualdatabase.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=7339 by setting department as dictionary


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You can use built-in encrypt function of MVD to do that but personally, I wouldn't do that for it would be a hell of work if you want to debug it.

My way of adding security to the information is by creating another form, then storing a label there to handle the sensitive info such as db, username, password etc. Something like this...

{$MySQL disable_connectdialog}
     Form1.MySQLConnection.Server := '';
     Form1.MySQLConnection.Port := 3306;
     Form1.MySQLConnection.Username := SecretForm.Label1.Caption;
     Form1.MySQLConnection.Password := SecretForm.Label2.Caption;
     Form1.MySQLConnection.Database := SecretForm.Label3.Caption;

But if you really want an encrypted data, then this sample might help you


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That's great derek. There you have option now frank.
For your reference or future works, here's how you do it. You can choose what button/s you want to hide by simple removing it from the equation. I used it on some of my project with trial version. I excluded their print and exprot pdf so that they can preview the report but can't do anything with it except having print screen of it.